Dry Freight Wall Liners

DymondPly Products

DymondPly Wide-Flange Surface Mount Liner

The Wide-Flange Surface Mount Liner incorporates an engineered offset to deliver added protection from cargo snagging and fastener shearing. The offset allows fasteners to be securely installed while keeping them out of harm’s way. Finally the design keeps cargo and forklift traffic off the post edges with a flush mount design. Specify your new trailers or retrofit your existing fleet with DymondPly III or IV to start saving with lower weight and less downtime.


DymondPly S-Flange Snap-In Liner

Ridge Corporation leverages its thermoforming technology to offer the DymondPly S-Flange Snap-in Liner; a tough, lightweight, fastener free lining. The anti-snag lining system will protect the posts while retaining its shape and properties throughout the harsh environmental conditions of the trailer’s life. Eliminate fasteners and the problems associated with traditional “rattle van” linings, and save weight by specifying DymondPly III or IV.


DymondPly Custom Liners

Call Ridge Corporation to design your custom wall lining systems.

Ridge Corporation is proud to offer products that are 100% recyclable.